UPDATE (15/2/10): Hey! Daniel here. It's been a while since you've heard from us, and here's why; Aaron's now overseas for university, and I've just started on college, so we're pretty much too busy to invest as much time as we'd like to into this business. What we're going to do now is clear our stock and get out of things for now. But who knows? We might come back for more in time to come. Anyway, here's how we're clearing stock: We're making everything cheaper! Yes, I can hear your cheers of joy already. Without further ado:

1st tee: RM15
2nd tee: RM13
Subsequent tees (as many as you like!): RM10


And thus I proclaim unto thee; let the masses rejoice!

Hath it not been proclaimed from the holy hill, that our sacred Tee Shirtes are even now, at this time, for sale?

Yea, verily! For indeed, most blessed shall be they that purchase our reasonably priced wares!

Yet fear also, for those who pursue abstinence shall be darned into unhipness for all eternity.



Who says girls are hard to understand?

(Baby tees ONLY)

(baby tees only)

(regular tees only)

>What do I pay? How do I pay? What do I get for what I pay? >Each shirt costs RM29 (subject to delivery charges, that vary with location). Our designs are printed on 100% cotton Regular(S,M,L,XL) and Baby tees(S,M,L). Payment is to be made via our Public Bank; We'll give you more details on that when you send us your order query.

You can also email us the particulars of your order for further instructions.

>I don't live in Malaysia. Do you accept international orders? >Yes, we do. There are, however, additional shipping charges, that vary with location.

>What color are your tees? >All designs are true to display. If a white background is shown, the design is printed on a white tee. If a forest green background is shown, it's printed on a forest green tee, and so on and so forth.

>"Warrhh, so expensive wan?! can cheaper ah?"
>Yes. No.

> Really?? >Well. No. We realize that our customers, being true Malaysian patriots, are very, very, very cheap. (grin) It's practically a civic duty -- so yes, we do grant discounts if you purchase more than one tee. Each pair of tees goes for RM52. So--what are you waiting for? 'Tis the season to be greedy.